A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Asteroid Belt is a video game I made awhile ago and just now posted online. It's a top-down bomber. Normally these games are called top-down shooters, but I made it to were the only way to attack is to place a bomb behind you. It's a neat mechanic that leads to intense situations were you must dodge enemies while also placing bombs.

Controls: Move with the left mouse button. Drop bombs with the right.

(When downloading the windows version, make sure to extract the zip file and then click on the .exe file)


AsteroidBelt(Mac) 19 MB
Astroid.zip 14 MB

Development log


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Which one did you download?

Windows or Mac?

If you have any questions or anything, just lemme know

Hi! When trying to run the game I get an error saying Unityplayer.dll was not found.

I just thought of something else. Are you trying to load the game on mobile? Because I don't think that will work. 

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Sadly no, I tried opening it on a windows 10 desktop computer. And I just double checked the download is the windows option


Ok. I don't have a windows computer, so that makes testing hard. I'll try and see if I can find one and test on that, but for now I don't have a solution, very sorry.

I feel ridiculous asking this, but I don't know what file to upload. Is it an .exe file or an .dll file? Does that question make sense?